PREP Online Program

How can an online program help you improve and protect your relationship?

The PREP research team has scientifically studied thousands of relationships over the span of 30+ years, and has discovered what positive and protective patterns characterize happy couples and what negative and destructive patterns characterize unhappy couples.

What does program participation involve? Over the 7-8 weeks of the program, you’ll:

  • Learn to identify four communication Danger Signs in your relationship – escalation, invalidation, negative interpretations, and withdraw.
  • Understand how filters such as inattention, emotional states, mindreading, differences in styles, and defensiveness are harming your relationship – and how to stop them!
  • Identify issues, events, and other stress that are making it difficult for the two of you to connect.
  • Help you understand why you’re having the same fight or disagreement over and over again – and help you get beneath the surface to finally solve the real issue.
  • Learn communication skills that will allow the two of you to share important emotions and feelings without feeling attacked.
  • Develop even more communication skills that will enable you to identify problems, develop possible solutions, and decide on what changes to make.
  • Start having more fun with each other!

And you can accomplish all of this in the privacy of your own home,
on your own time, at your own pace, with or without a significant other!

Does This Program Work?

We know that every relationship is different and every relationship has ups and downs so we’re not going to guarantee that PREP Online can solve all of your relationship problems, but we do know that we can increase your odds of achieving a successful relationship because we’ve got the scientific results to show it. Studies have shown couples see improvements in relationship functioning areas such as:

PREP Online is part of the PREP approach:

The PREP approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of relationship health and success. Much of the research on PREP has been conducted at the University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family Studies. The co-directors for this nationally recognized research center are Dr. Howard Markman Ph.D. and Dr. Scott M. Stanley Ph.D. Markman and Stanley are founders of PREP, and, along with various colleagues and the team at PREP, Inc., have been involved in developing and refining marriage and relationship education materials for several decades.

The PREP approach has been delivered and evaluated globally:

As of June 2013, an estimated 1,000 sites have implemented the intervention, including military bases, prisons, universities, and religious organizations. Twelve sites have been evaluated for outcomes, with about 2,000 couples participating in those evaluations. Evaluations have been conducted with the U.S. Army and in Australian and German implementation sites. Approximately 300,000 individuals have participated in PREP or adaptations of PREP.