Couples’ Reviews of Our Programs

Both of our programs – PREP Online and OurRelationship – have been shown in rigorous research studies to improve relationships. But couples also enjoy doing them as well! Below, we’ve included a news story about one couple who completed our program as well as written comments couples gave us after finishing the programs.

Watch One Couple’s Experience Using Our Programs

What Couples Are Saying

Below, we’ve included comments we’ve received from real couples who completed the program. We’ve organized them into overall descriptions of the program, the impact it had on couples’ communication, and how much couples learned about their own relationships.

The Program

“The OurRelationship program was eye-opening and a fantastic experience overall. I was skeptical at first about an online program, especially one where most of the work was done separately from my partner. But it is much easier to admit to myself, in private, that there are things I can change to improve our marriage. If we were doing it together in person, my pride might have made me resistant to admitting my role in perpetuating arguments. There was a good balance between solo learning and partner conversations. Thank you for a great and very helpful program!”
“ was a wonderful tool to assess the state of my relationship. After spending so much time embroiled in my dissatisfaction with my marriage it was good to whittle it down, and look at it though some very specific parameters. It gave me focus.”
“This program was and is truly helpful for anyone looking to repair their relationship. If you are not ready to throw in the towel and there is any chance of making it with your partner – do give this program a try. No problem is too small. Best of luck I know I learned a great deal about myself as well as my actions.”
“Since my husband was more willing to participate in this type of counseling, we got MORE out of the online services than we ever have from in-person counseling. Our conversations were more honest and meaningful, and I think we both feel more empowered to be successful in a lifelong marriage.”


“Naturally, we still have our disagreements, but we are better equipped to deal with them and get out of them with a sigh of relief – instead of days of silence.”
“We are now able to openly talk with one another about what we want and need out of our relationship instead of assuming the other knows. The structure of the program has set the groundwork for us to have successful and productive conversations in the future.”
“Using the tools and suggestions that we received from the program, we started really communicating and understanding each other’s feelings and our own. If not for this program, we probably would not be together today.”
“The program gave us a framework to communicate better. It was like an instruction manual for how to talk to each other and how to really listen. My partner is a pretty tough nut to crack – but he got so much out of it and it has worked wonders in a short amount of time. I finally have hope.”
“I was worried about how the conversations with my partner might go. I didn’t know if the conversations would be the start of another fight or if they would actually be productive as the program intends. It turns out the conversations were very productive. I think the program providing a structure and goal for the conversations really helped us to focus on the problem at hand and prevented us from deviating and bringing up other items that might cause a new argument.”
“During our “conversation” my wife and I felt so connected, because we saw the work that each us was willing to put in and more importantly express some of our hidden emotions in a constructive manner. I highly recommend OurRelationship as a great option for couples looking to connect on a deeper level.”
“I did this program out of desperation to save my marriage to be quite honest. I was trying to find better ways to communicate before my relationship came to an end. I don’t know if my marriage will work, but we have both learned a great deal about communication. This has been the first time in our marriage where we can both be completely honest with each other even knowing that honesty sometimes hurts. We have created a stronger bond together because of this.”

Personalized Help

“This program was very helpful for me to identify the root causes of our relationship problem and take concrete, practical steps to fix the problem while still recognizing the factors that could not be changed.”
“Changed my understanding of what it means to be a great husband. A remarkable tool, private, professional, and highly effective.”
“The program has been helpful because it has shown me how to self-reflect on how I behave in my relationship with my wife. You will also receive help from a coach that answer very detailed and personal questions you may have and wouldn’t be able to find by just reading a self-help book. The program feels very personal.”
“It was nice to be able to work on our issues on our own timeline, and from the comfort of our own home. It’s affordable, and accessible to people like us who live far away from decent counseling/therapy resources. Our privacy was respected, no one took sides with one of us or the other, and we were given the space to work through our difficulties while also being encouraged to believe in the potential in our relationship.”
“I wasn’t really expecting much from this program. My husband and I had gone to traditional therapy before with little success. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned about both of us and our relationship. I think it was an important step for us as as couple and as individuals.”